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Let's talk about our Mayor!

Your Mayor - Your Voice!


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  • Limerick will be the first – and so far the only – county in Ireland to have a Mayor who is directly elected by the people.
  • Up to now, the Mayor of Limerick is chosen by the Council and has a largely ceremonial role.
  • In 2021, Limerick will hold county-wide elections for a directly elected Mayor, replacing the old system where the Council made the choice.
  • The directly elected Mayor will have more powers than the current Mayor and hold the office for five years.
  • With a new directly elected Mayor, Limerick people will have the chance to really influence decisions that are made in Limerick and about Limerick.
  • We’re not starting a revolution – but we can do things differently and if we all get involved, we can make a difference. So let’s start as we mean to go on!

Limerick – Let’s talk about our Mayor

Join the Conversation

There are lots of ways that you can join the conversation

  • Community groups and local organisations around the county can set up a meeting. For more details and/or support, click on the ‘Group Discussion’ link below, and we’ll send you details about how your community group can get involved either in the community following COVID-19 social distancing rules, or online in zoom time!
  • Host a conversation with your family or friends. Click on the ‘Family Friend Discussion’ link below for a free ‘How to Guide’ to hosting your own conversation.
  • On your own or short on time? You can still take part in our survey and ensure your thoughts are included in the consultation by clicking on the link ‘Complete the Survey’ below.


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How to Contribute…

Below are some ways that you can help

If you are involved in a local group or community organisation and would like to host a conversation, please fill in the contact form below for more information and support.

Group Discussion

Share this historic opportunity with your family and friends. Your Mayor – Your Voice presents a unique opportunity to reflect and share your thoughts not just on the role of Limerick’s first directly elected Mayor but also on Limerick life today and on Limerick’s future.

The website offers engaging and informative videos that explain the background to the vote for a directly elected Mayor, how the project came to be and how you can participate. It also offers the opportunity to complete the survey online, Click here.

Once completed your answers will be added to those already collected and you will have the opportunity to see the survey results in real time. You can also register to receive an e-copy of the final reports.

Why not get together with your family or friends and take part? If you want to involve a wider circle of family and friends remember to follow social distancing rules or consider an online discussion. Submit your details below and we’ll send you a Facilitator How to Guide for face to face or online use with resources to help you discuss as a group and then complete the survey individually. Wherever and however you take part to remember to record the moment with a selfie and post using #limerickmayor

Family/Friends Discussion

To get started on the survey, follow the link below!


The following Report was presented to cabinet on 26th January 2021. The government have approved its publication and given their approval to start developing legislation.

A full report of the consultation process is available here.

For a five minute overview, see the presentation of the report findings to the IAG here


To join any of the online consultations listed below, register with Eventbrite here:

– Monday July 27th              8-9pm          12-1pm

– Tuesday July 28th             8-9pm          12-1pm

– Wednesday July 29th      8-9pm          12-1pm

– Thursday July 30th          8-9pm          12-1pm

How to Contribute…

Below are some ways that you can help

Thank you for your participation, the survey is now closed. Please fill in your details at the bottom of the page if you wish to receive results updates

A message from Tim O’Connor, Chair, Limerick Mayor Implementation Advisory Committee’

What happens to the information I give?

All the information you give will be used to create a Report summarising Limerick peoples’ ideas, attitudes and opinions about the new Mayor and their new role.

We hold no personal or identifying information about you. All answers are completely anonymous and there is no way to trace your answers back to you.

If you would like to be sent a copy of the final report and/or if you are interested in participating in more community consultations, please add your contact details below.


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